Creating a Social Media Event

Marketing online is a world where competition is fierce. Many companies have found themselves lost among their competitors. They may have their own company web site for direct online sales and information. Along with their main site, many of them have added a number of social media pages to their online presence. It is disturbing to many that they will still find their competitors above them in a search engine listing.

There are many different ways to get to the top of search engine listings. One of the best ways is to get potential customers talking about a web site or social media page. Marketers have long used events as a way to garner free publicity. This works almost the same way when using social media. A company can create an event and invite their followers to participate. It need not be an actual event at a physical location. Even a web chat through a social media platform on a certain date and time will be enough to create an event.

Once an event has been created and followers are invited, it is important to establish a dialogue on social media pages. This takes a person savvy in the ways that these platforms work. The company wants to ensure the subject is interesting enough to share and discuss. Controversy should be avoided at all costs because it may garner negative publicity.

One way to keep the conversation going is to create a countdown to the event. Adding a new post every day until the event occurs will keep people interested in the subject. The posts should invite people to say how excited they are about the event and if they will be asking family and friends to attend as well. Successful events keep potential customers interested and sharing company pages.